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Artificial Insemination:

Are you sick of dealing with an aggressive bull or worrying about foot rot every year? Do you want top of the line genetics without the cost of an expensive bull and the risk involved in keeping him on your property? Artificial insemination (AI) may be an option that you are looking for. Available for both beef and dairy clients. AI can be performed on both large and small herds and various protocols can be used to time the breeding. Everyone at our veterinary clinic can assist by providing you with cost estimates, heat synchronization protocols, acquiring/storing frozen semen and performing AI on your cows or heifers. All of this can be done on your farm or in our veterinary clinic. Frozen semen can also be analyzed for quality and viability.

Embryo Transfer:

At Leduc Farm Animal Hospital, we also perform frozen embryo placement on cows and heifers.

Reproductive Techniques